7 Great Failures In Careers Of Many Celebrities

7 Great Failures In Careers Of Many Celebrities

History of successful projects is not a guarantee, that people will appreciate your every next move. Exactly those things have many celebrities experi

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History of successful projects is not a guarantee, that people will appreciate your every next move. Exactly those things have many celebrities experienced in their carreers, when out of pure egoism decided to participate in following music, movie, literally and TV projects and even beside reasonable expectation that nothing great will come up out of those project that would impact their carreers.

Read 7 those cases from previous decades of popular culture.

1.   Stallone’s movie Paradise Alley from 1978

After the Rocky success, that he wrote the script for, and in which he played the leading role, Stallone apparently thought that we were all waiting his next same genre movie, and that he would also play in it and direct it. Paradise Alley switched boxing with wrestling, but the public didn’t like it. The only good thing that left behind this movie is the hilarious song Too close for paradise, in which Stallone showed how untalented for singing he is.

2.   Morissey’s novel List of the Lost

Critics were full of praises for the autobiography of this famous singer, but when he made them happy with his first novel List of the Lost in 2015, all he got from them was mocking. Readers especially criticized Morissey’s description of sexual relation from the book.

3.   David Bowie’s group Tin Machine

Back at the end of the ’80s, David Bowie couldn’t find an inspiration for his solo albums, so he decided to form the group Tin Machine. Many consider that by that he reached the creative bottom, but he qualified this period in his career as very positive and said that he was comfortable with a pause of solo projects, which helped him enter the ’90s with the new artistic energy.

4.   Madonna’s movie Swept Away

2002. was not a good year for Madonna. The movie Swept Away, that her then husband Guy Richie directed, and in which she played the leading role, was described as a great failure. Madonna got for that role even Gold Raspberry for the worst female actress, and even worse she was given also the Golden Raspberry for supporting role in the movie Die Another Day.

    5. Ashton Kutcher’s TV show The Ranch         


Ashton proved that he is not much of an actor and that Kelso was his limit in acting(the character he played in That ’70s show). Netfilx decided to give him one more chance and allow him play the leading role in sitcom The Ranch. At the end of last year, the fourth season was over, and Ashton still couldn’t know how to act. Masocists that enjoy this TV failure, don’t bother with that so much.

6.   John Travolta’s movie Battlefield Earth

This movie could easily become the new Star Wars if only it wasn’t based on a terrible book of unpleasant leader of controversial pseudo religious organisation and if it wasn’t filmed in this actor’s production, who decided to use this movie for recruiting new members  in above mentioned cult. And one more thing to mention-Travolta carries throughout the whole movie an octopus on his head.

7.   Michael Jackson’s movie project Moonwalker

It is hard to decide which moment is the most bizarre in this catastrophe. Is it maybe a scene where Michael turns out to be a plastelin rabbit?Or maybe a part when he becomes a friend with a group of poor children?