What the Wine You Drink Tells About You

What the Wine You Drink Tells About You

One more day that was endlessly long and boring is gone. You come home and on the door you throw out your coat and bag, close the windows and play you

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One more day that was endlessly long and boring is gone. You come home and on the door you throw out your coat and bag, close the windows and play your favorite music and take your favorite glass. You don’t know why, but you can not drink wine from any glass. Isn’t a glass of perfectly cold wine the right and the only way to relax, forget and also to prepare for the next day? On the first sip you can feel your nerves relaxing and that you feel enormous happiness. You feel a little guilty because this is your way of dealing with a bad day, but your happiness is priceless. Besides, drinking wine is a real art. The joy of living.

If you are a passionate wine lover, and you don’t see only truth in it, but the real measure of pleasure, you surely have your little rituals. Your glass, for example, a certain music, certain mood, and maybe you drink wine only in special occasions and the special ones. No matter whether you like to relax with the French wines or some other, the fact which color you like to see in your glass tells a lot about you as a person. However, wine are not just red or white, and here we prepared more detailed analysis of your favorite drink and also of your personality.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon is one of the most famous and favorite sorts of wine of specific taste, sharp and provocative aroma. Just like it, you can not be unnoticed. You are always in the centre of attention, even if you don’t want to, because you shine special energy that no one is indifferent to. You like to lead a conversation, you are not afraid of that role and also you like to live a fairytale-luxurious, fun and unforgettable.

Pinot Grigio

This light fresh wine, with an irresistable citrus note is perfect for plugging off from reality. If you like it, you live in your world, often too far from reality, you like to fantasize, and enjoy in being alone with your favorite book, and of course a glass of your favorite wine. Your attention and company must be deserved, because you know how much you worth and how special you are.


One of the most famous French wines is dedicated to sofisticated persons who know what they want and also know how to accomplish that. There is no impossible task for you or a problem. You are bold, and ready for everything, and everything is a challenge for you.


Only real hedonists pick it up, and those who are lead by the proverb-Carpe diem. Everybody ask themselves how come you have so much inspiration to live every day as it is the last one, but it is in your blood-you are an adventurous person, enjoy life and don’t allow anything get in a way of your happiness.


One of the most famous red wines, that is worshiped by persons who like to play safe. You don’t like to experiment too much and to risk. Safety comes first for you and at the same time you appreciate comfort and possibility to feel pleasant like you are on your own. You do everything on your terms.